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At Brand Sparkers, we specialize in providing highly-focused digital marketing campaigns to medium and large-sized business owners. We understand that each company has different needs depending on the size of the company, the services they provide, and the location of their stores, among many other factors. Clients can trust that the marketing strategy we deliver is fine-tuned to fit their needs.

Custom Website

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Custom Website Design

We build you a site that will make you look very professional and convert visitors into clients.

Custom Website Design

We build you a site that will make you look very professional and convert visitors into clients.

High Quality Content

Looking professional online is only half the battle, you need to sound professional as well.

On-Page Optimization

Our team takes care of the technical side of your website to ensure you are qualified to rank locally.

Blogging Platform

We publish high quality blog content to help increase awareness, which results in better rankings

Email Marketing Design

Our team equips you with powerful email templates for promotional messages, announcements, blog posts, & events.

Autoresponder Messages​

Drip marketing through email creates a positive user experience and separates you from your competition.

Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a must for any business with an online presence. However, companies can take their marketing efforts to the next level by optimizing their content to a particular location or region. Our marketing team will develop a local SEO strategy, allowing businesses across the country to stretch their investment further than ever before.

Google My Business Setup​

Our team makes sure your Google My Business listing is fully optimized, set up properly, and in the right categories that local users are searching for.

Local Citation Builder (Directory Listings)​

We place your business in handpicked directories that have been proven to increase rankings. These local citations propel your GMB listing.

High Profile Backlinks​

We create outreach campaigns to obtain high profile backlinks from high domain authority blogs and sites. This ensures you are outranking your competition with the use of high-quality, strategic link building campaigns.

Monthly Press, Blog Posts & Articles

Our team creates optimized, high-quality monthly content that other share. This practice builds backlinks naturally and has the most impact.

Geo-Targeted Marketing

With our geo-targeted marketing techniques, we can streamline and optimize the content that visitors see when they explore your website. We identify the geographical location of a website visitor and then deliver content based on that location. This allows you to connect with consumers and provide content that they deem valuable.

Pay-Per-Click Without Paying Per Click

Companies have the option of using pay-per-click or non-PPC options in their geo-targeted campaign. We tend to find that those who are most successful implement both into their marketing strategy.

Professional PPC Campaign Setup​

If businesses do not introduce a PPC campaign correctly, they will end up wasting funds. They’ll receive little return on investment. Our professionals will work with search engines to roll out a professional PPC campaign.

 Powerful Call to Action

A call to action will motivate your consumers to do something, such as call your company or purchase your product. We’ll craft multiple calls to action based upon a visitor’s location.

Fully Targeted Campaigns Based On Your Major Keywords​

Optimizing your site with keywords will help draw your site to the top of search engine results. At Brand Sparkers, we know what buzzwords to use to help your website increase its traffic.

Social Media Marketing

We’ll evaluate your current social media platform and identify strengths and weaknesses. Our team will then work with you to work through deficiencies and improve your online presence. If your business has yet to establish social media accounts, we’ll walk you through how to create the accounts and the reasons for doing so.

Setup of Facebook and Twitter

Much like how Google My Business allows you to establish a business site, we’ll work to do the same on social marketing platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This can lead to a consumer base you had yet to access.

Powerful Blog Posts

One of the best parts about a blog is the ability to regenerate content and improve outreach. You can post old blog posts on your social media accounts, directing consumers to landing pages on your site.

Monthly Social Media Marketing

We’ll also make sure that you produce monthly content on your social media account. This will help keep consumers active and engaged in your page, helping to grow your brand.

Analytics For All Social Media

Social media is one of the tools that small businesses underutilize the most. We’ll track your social media results to ensure we are maximizing your potential outreach. With our analytics, clients are guaranteed to get the most out of their investment.

ROI Tracking for any Business

Unlike other marketing agencies, we vow to stay with our customers through thick and thin. We’ll continually monitor analytics to ensure your marketing strategy maximizes efficiency. If we notice deficiencies, we’ll work quickly to remedy the situation so that you reach a broader customer base. This ensures that businesses get the most for their dollar.

Local Phone Tracking and Recording

When you receive a phone call, we’ll track where the call came from and other similar dynamics. This helps us learn more about which customers are expressing interest in your company.

Lead Tracking

We’ll keep track of who we contact and how often we do so. Then, we’ll identify how far those individuals make it into your pipeline so that we can measure your success rate.

Search Enging Ranking

Many customers don’t make it past the first or second page of search engine results. We’ll implement numerous strategies to help ensure your business’ site appears within the first few search engine results.

Web Analytics

From location tracking to identifying social media followers, we can provide an extensive overview of your business’ web presence. We can see various demographic and geographic information about potential leads.

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